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What we do

At Phare Financial Services it’s our job to understand what you want but more importantly what you need. And then do our very best to ensure you get what you need and then what you want.

We offer 3 levels of advice:

  • Execution Only (for one-off transactions instructed by you)
  • Focussed Advice (considering limited aspects of financial planning only)
  • Full Advice (Full financial Review based on all aspects of financial planning)

As your professional advisors it is important that you know what to expect in terms of the services we provide, and that you understand our commitment to you in the provision of those services. You can expect us to be professional, clear, and fair in our dealings with you, and will always ensure that any service or advice provided is in your best interests.

Whilst we are in a position to help clients with every aspect of their financial journey, please find below a summary and more detail on some of the particular areas where we can assist clients.

Inheritance & Estate Planning

Leaving gifts to family or friends is an important way to pass on your wealth to the ones you love and the causes you care about.

But this isn’t always as straightforward as it seems.

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Mortgage & Lending Advice

Whether you are securing finance for your own home or are one of our many landlord clients securing finance for your buy-to-let business, no two properties are identical, and neither are our clients’ portfolios and circumstances.

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Retirement Finances & Pensions

Are you giving your finances the best chance to deliver for ALL your retirement years?

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Insurance & Protection Planning

Most of us insure our homes, our cars, and our holidays without a second thought – but what about ourselves?

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Investment Advice

Whether you are saving with a specific goal in mind or just want to achieve better returns than cash savings, investing your money in a well-diversified portfolio will give you the best chance of realising your goals.

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Tax Planning

The UK tax system is complex, but there can be significant benefits to structuring your finances in a tax-efficient way.

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Financial Planning for Landlords

At Phare Financial Services we are constantly developing our services on offer to landlord clients.

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Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

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