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Why Phare?

Time, Money & Peace of Mind

At Phare Financial Services it’s our job to understand what you want but more importantly what you need. And then do our very best to ensure you get what you need and then what you want.

For example, sound financial advice can free you up to spend more of your most valuable resource (time) where you really want to. Be that with family, friends, your business, or simply doing what you enjoy the most.

We can also help ease the pressure of information overload which often leads to decision paralysis (nothing being done).

We offer peace of mind – perhaps you could do it yourself – but we will save you time and stress!

Where Business meets Personal

If you run a business (and even if you don’t), it pays to plan for the future and to think of the ‘business of you’. After all, your business, your finances, and your investments – they are there to serve you and your loved ones, not the other way around!

We advise both individuals and businesses, and encourage clients to think of their affairs as a ‘business’. If only in the sense that we plan and deliver on the outcomes that give you what you need and then what you want.

A holistic approach

When was the last time that your business consultant, lawyer, accountant, financial planner, broker and tax advisor all got together to discuss your personal and/or business interests?

We work with clients to ensure that we have as holistic a view of their circumstances as possible, and work well with other advisors – wherever possible – to provide a complete solution and service for your needs.

Why ‘Phare’ (and how to pronounce it)?

Phare is French for ‘lighthouse’ and we think it represents a good metaphor for how we help Clients.

We look to take a good look at everything within our client’s horizon’s and shine a light on all areas to better understand what’s important to our clients and what they really need to achieve their personal objectives.

And yes, this all starts with ensuring that the captain of the ship has a destination in mind.

…as to how you pronounce it, we’re not precious – but it should sound like ‘far’ – as in – working with Phare financial will help you go far!

Best Practice & One Consultancy Group

Phare Financial Services Limited is an appointed representative of Best Practice IFA Group Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We are also part of the One Consultancy Group, and look to offer a fully tailored approach to help you maximise the value of your business and/or estate both today and during your lifetime whilst ensuring that you can pass on your hard-earned wealth to those you care about most.

What our clients say…

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