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How we work

Our Approach

Our approach to financial advice and our business, combines modern efficiencies with traditional values.

For example, our new clients are introduced to us, by existing clients or professional client advisers that work in the tax, legal or finance industry. By contrast, we avoid the more modern strategies for business growth such as social media, or cold calling.

Process Driven Innovations

We have invested heavily in technology, however, and now regard it as a cornerstone of our business. Without it, we would need to devote more time towards the administration function of the business, which adds no value to our clients (plus we really don’t like unnecessary admin duplication!).

For example, by implementing cashflow planning technology and our secure client portal we can deliver client service that we’re proud of, without increasing our fees… these process driven innovations add immediate value to our clients whilst simultaneously freeing up our time.

Our Technology
Modern Efficiencies with Traditional Values

Other examples where we have adopted ‘the good’ from the old and the new, include:

  • We emphasise long term relationships with our clients, ideally in person, and at our London office.
  • Video calls do offer a flexible, convenient alternative, should you prefer.
  • Whether it’s working with your existing accountant/employer for an agreed upon common objective, or internally amongst our advisers/support staff, we believe collaboration delivers better outcomes. Having a wider team to rely on usually means greater expertise and almost certainly means better response times – especially if your urgency happens to coincide with your adviser’s summer vacation!
  • We apply the same methodology to the training and mentoring of our team. Having a dedicated point man that knows you is a great benefit – But unless you have others to learn from, you might limit your potential growth.
  • We practise what we preach. We have a clearly identified plan for our business and our clients/prospective clients. We help our clients achieve their objectives by taking a vested interest in their success. The same principle applies in reverse – as a privately owned business, our clients determine our success.
Our Advice Process

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